4th Feb 2012:

Back in stock at Element 14

You can now order from Farnell/Element14 or CPC

19th Nov 2012

Preorder now at Element 14

PiFace will be distributed by Element14/Farnell.

You can now pre-order at http://piregistration.element14.com/signup.html

The sooner you register the sooner you'll get your PiFace.

3 June 2012:


Pi-Face Digital allows you to safely get going with I/O on the Raspberry Pi in seconds. With switches, LEDs and relays already on board, and screw terminals for all connections, it's one of the fastest ways to connect the Raspberry Pi to the world. Easy to use C and Python libraries (with Scratch coming soon) make coding a breeze.

You'll also get access to tutorial videos for interesting projects and the chance to win a laptop or some cool development kits through the Great British Raspberry Pi Bakeoff.

If we've sold out, then you can pre-order to be at the front of the queue for the next batch. We won't take any money until we dispatch your interface.

Fully assembled Pi-Face Developer Edition

Ready made board slots onto the Raspberry Pi's interface pins. It's the fastest way to get going!

Raspberry Pi with Piface Interface attached
Sold out! – pre order to reserve your place in the queue! Next batch expected soon!

Postage and Packaging is calculated at the checkout for UK. For International shipping and bulk discounts, please get in touch through the contact form.

  • Allows you to control lights, motors etc and monitor digital inputs, switches, etc.
  • Four switches and four LEDs on board for rapid prototyping
  • Two onboard relays (10A) for easy control
  • Buffered to protect the Raspberry Pi; high-current open collector outputs and schmit trigger buffer inputs
  • Credit card size, stacks on top of Raspberry Pi
  • Easy to connect with screw terminals
  • Easy to program with C and Python libraries

Why we are selling to only developers at first

We're currently only selling Pi-Face Digital to people with some existing experience until we've thoroughly tested the examples and tutorials. As a developer we expect that you've got some experience and know how to use the board safely.